A dog’s life!

When she sees us pull up in our car, she gets on her hind legs and claws at the screen door like she hasn’t seen us in years. She’s absolutely giddy with excitement. I worry that she’s going to slice a hole in the screen, or worse, hurt herself. When the door finally opens, she races down the steps to race around each of our feet and then rolls over for a belly rub.

In return, we can’t wait to see Nittany, our tiny Bichon Frise – Lhasa Apso mixed dog. As we hurried home from our trip, exhausted from our hours-long trip in the car, we reminisced about the day we brought Nittany home and joked about how she’s been for my in-laws, who’ve kept her on this weekend trip. When we pull up, we jump out of the car just as excited to see her.

IMG_5462 (Edited)

Who’s got who wrapped around their heart?

In the short seven years since Nittany has come into our lives, she’s managed to worm her way into her hearts. We’re supposedly the human owners in this relationship, but she pretty much has the run of the place.

Who owns who?

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A day at the beach

As I walked slowly on the beach last week, I took in an extraordinary scene: a group of youngsters perching themselves on the edge of the sand and ocean water. They nudged and pushed each other to venture closer and closer to the water. Once the waves, full of force and power, came crashing to the shore, they turned abruptly and raced each other back to safer ground.

I was only in town for a couple of days, but couldn’t help but laugh at the scene. I kept waiting for one of the younger ones to fall into the ocean spray.

In contrast, the adults in the group stood stone-faced every few feet apart from each other with their backs to the ocean watching the craziness, making sure none of the youngsters wondered too far away from the larger group.

A new family at the beach? Sort of, but not exactly the human kind. I got a front-row view of a large flock of seagull chicks. I’m no nature expert, but they looked exactly like their human brethren.

IMG_3420 (2)

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Five reasons why I like my dog better than some people

My wife likes to tease me that I would be happier on a deserted island or deep in the woods in a cave since then I wouldn’t have to deal with annoying people. I ponder the question in mock seriousness for a brief minute or two and then ask if I get to bring our dog Nittany, a six-year-old Bichon Frise – Shih Tzu mix.

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